Why not!

  • Dedicated team of professionals
  • Tailor-made school programs
  • Well organized management
  • Member of British Gymnastics
  • Member of London Gymnastics
  • Sessions delivered in local schools and other venues

Perform Better Sport Club is founded in North London, designed to suit every bodies needs in sports matter. From children 4 years old , teenagers or adults we are offering a wide range of activities. We are specialised in gymnastics, trampoline, freestyle gymnastics, fitness, football,etc – sport in general.

We recruit coaches to be the best in their sport discipline. Selection is based on the next principles: reliable, friendly with the staff and children, professional background, to be able to show quality demonstrations/motivate children, to display quality structured sessions – fun oriented, qualified, insured and CRB checked.

Florin Pelecaci  founder and head coach, with over 5 years experience in teaching/coaching gymnastics in schools and clubs. Qualified as General Gymnastics/Trampoline/FreeG coach/ Judge floor and vault and higher education (UK QTS and master degree in Education and Sport Management)

“I have always worked hard and performed on my best as a sport person. I was lucky enough to start with gymnastics ( foundation for all the other sports) at young age – becoming romanian champion in gymnastics, then everything else was easy; good athlete (sprint, endurance, long jump, javelin throwing), then I became a professional footballer – playing for over 10 years in top leagues in Romania and Hungary.

It seems that I could embrace a career in any other sport as gymnastics has helped me achieve so many different skills: coordination, balance, strength, flexibility, agility, confidence, body awareness, discipline, work ethics, etc

Gymnastics has made a huge difference in my life and I’m happy to share my experience as it could help anyone else no matter of age or ability….”