Frequently Asked Questions

This is a Health and Safety requirement. We have an average of 50 children in the sports hall each hour. Imagine each child having one or both parents with them at each session, maybe a younger brother or sister, or it could be some visitors from abroad, all wanting to watch the session for one or two hours, sitting on the bench, chair or on the floor, discussing with each other, speaking on the phone, babies crying or walking around equipment, eating, drinking, spitting water or trying to give advice to their children or to interfere with the coaches. This would create a chaotic situation as well as unnecessary distraction for children and coaches alike.
5 minutes are allocated for coaches to settle the children, remind them of rules, explain the warm up objectives and games, and organise the children into age/ability groups.
10 minutes: cardio (pulse raising activities): games, running drills, jumps
5 minutes: dynamic stretches/posture
5 minutes: strength and conditioning
5 minutes: basic shapes and moves in gymnastics
Then children are then split into 4 groups in which they will work on 4 different activities each lasting 15 minutes. Every second week they will have completed all the activities (eg. Week one – 2 groups will do floor and trampoline x 15minutes each, the other 2 groups will do vault and freeG/bars x15minutes each. Week 2 – groups will swap for the other 2 activities).
Many children in our classes have showed great potential and are keen to take their gymnastics skills to a higher level by working intensively for 2 hours instead of 1. So we have allocated a specialist coach to develop their skills further.
For these particular classes coaches are working together to identify talented children from our recreational classes and with parental consent those children will be selected for the 2-hour session.
Certificates will be given from time to time when coaches organise assessments. A child will be awarded with the relevant certificate when he/she is able to correctly perform the skills required for that particular level. We monitor their progress and test them again when we feel they are ready to move to the next level.

The lowest level is Fundamental skills, mainly for preschools and is very basic and fun.
The next level is Level 8, 7, progressing to level 1.
For more advanced skills British Gymnastics has developed Bronze, Silver and Gold certificate.

During the academic year, our club takes part in two regional competitions organised by British Gymnastics (end of February) and London gymnastics (end of June).

These competitions require certain skills and as a result, only 15% of our children could take part. Therefore, we will organise our Christmas show/competition to enable every child in the club to participate regardless of ability. This will allow everyone to experience the taste of competition.

Our purple leotard will stay the same for club training. After discussions with the club’s young leaders we will be looking to upgrade it for the competition purposes.