At PBSC we understand sports in schools and we are passionate about making school children fitter & healthier to better face today’s tough academic challenges.

We offer both PPA and breakfast & after-school clubs.


As part of PPA we offer the following National Curriculum based activities:

  • Gymnastics including disability gymnastics
  • Invasion Games
  • Net/ Wall Games
  • Striking/ Fielding
  • Athletics
  • Dance
  • Nutrition & Healthy Lifestyle

For the more formal PPA sessions, we have created comprehensive and structured plans for each year group spread over a term. If required, we will provide schools with a copy of our plans for inspection purposes. Each week we cover a different topic (shapes/rolling/ jumping/ travelling/ using apparatus, partner work,/sequence of shapes) and will carry assessments at the end of the term for the school reports.

During PPA we focus on teaching points, specific vocabulary use, skills understanding, encouraging children to look for answers. At the end of each session children who have contributed positively, having demonstrated good ability, positive answers, excellent behaviour, and hard work will be awarded with certificates.

We can also supply PPA cover at short notice.

Breakfast & After-School Clubs

In our more informal and fun-orientated Gymnastics Breakfast Clubs, children will have fun while still working towards the British Gymnastics proficiency award scheme.
During a term, they will acquire new skills and eventually we will be organising small competition where parents are invited to watch their child progress. Children will be assessed and certificates, medals, badges, and trophies will be awarded at the end of each term. The best children might be selected for local and regional school competitions.

Additional Activities

  • Activity days
  • Sports Day
  • Summer Fetes
  • CPD/ Teacher training/ INSET day


Regardless of the school type: private or public - our programs are tailor-made for you students

Perfect for any school

No matter the size of your school or group, your students will love it!

Experienced Staff

Our staff is well trained to deliver quality sessions in schools and fulfill club standards.

ex European Champions as coaches

Proud to have ex European Champions or British Champions in our coaching team.


We are really passionate about sports and we love the fact that children are falling in love with sports.

Multiple sports

We are specialised in gymnastics, trampoline, freestyle gymnastics, fitness, football,etc – sport in general.

The Club

      • Dedicated team of professionals
      • Tailor-made school programs
      • Well organized management
      • Member of British Gymnastics
      • Member of London Gymnastics

Impressions, testimonials

Florin and his team at Perform Better have always been very professional, punctual and highly respectful in our inclusive environment. Florin often brings his own specialist equipment and has never let us down in terms of cover. He has always organised cover weeks in advance with his specialist team of professionals. He works with all year groups, and is very well liked by the children.
Umarani Nathan, Parent Engagement Lead | Head Teacher PA
Sumaya has really enjoyed each class and has developed in confidence both physically and socially. We are sad to be leaving but hope to find as good a club in Cardiff.
Cathetrine and Saief Kazmi, Gymnast's Parents
Perform Better Sport Club Team, be proud of the school you have established ! Many people tried the same before you to only make money but not having a real interest in children’s future.
U make simple learning fun! So I’m the one with gratitude towards your hard work and input!
Helen Aka, Gymnast's Parent